Case Study: HP Papers Training Platform

Working in partnership with Renew Creative, designed, built and implemented the mechanics for an interactive training platform for HP Papers with an interactive competition feature using Umbraco CMS.

What did we do?

With our partner (Renew), implemented an interactive game-style training platform using Umbraco CMS. The system was themed around a yacht race where each user taking part in the training was competing against their colleagues to earn a prize, this encouraged participation amongst colleagues and in turn, drove user engagement and project success.

The idea behind this project was to deliver training on HP Paper products to sales teams in an interactive and engaging way to the most amount of people to ensure the brand message was being delivered to customers.

To achieve this we needed to restrict access to only invited users so each user was sent an invite which allowed them to access the secure 'racing dashboard'. Once logged in we then devised the concept of training modules which contained information slides and a quiz at the end, this meant storing user's progress and score from the quiz throughout their journey through the system.

HP Papers Training platform dashboard screen shot

The training platform 'Racing Dashboard' shows how each team member is progressing through the system.

Multi-Lingual for Multi-Regions

In addition to the above requirements, the system was rolled out across Europe so we needed to ensure users were given the training and information in their native language. Fortunately, we were able to utilise Umbraco's multi-language, cultures and hostname features to route users to a sub-domain for each language/region.

To see this in action you can view the following 2 pages; view the French version of the HP Papers Training Platform and the corresponding English version of the HP Papers Training Platform, you will notice the pages are identical apart from the language in use. Rather than creating 2 separate websites we simply had to load the relevant translations into the system and users from each region will be routed through to the correct language.

How did we do it?

To accomplish this, we created a custom implementation of Umbraco CMS and took advantage of the built-in 'Members' feature, created custom database tables to store user progress and added custom dashboards for reporting on system use and participant progress.

All training material was fully editable by the client so they could create and edit training slides and pages in the system. Training slides had all the features you would expect to see from Umbraco content like rich text, images and videos.

Image showing HP Papers Training platform question slide

What was the outcome?

The system was well received by both the client and the users of the system with, at the time of writing, over 170 active users and over 3,000 training slide/question views which means that the client's training material is being delivered to a large and relevant user base, which in turn is helping drive sales and most importantly all sales staff are informed of product information in a consistent way.

We have received great feedback letting us know that the system is being used as intended and is very user-friendly with almost no support calls or training needed to set up the training slides.

For more information on Renew visit the Renew website and for more information on HP Papers visit the HP Papers training platform website.