Bruges Half 2020 Details:

When 17th to 19th October 2020
Race Day 18/10/2020

£203 per person

£220 per person with parking

Andy has paid £203 already

Flight Out 17/10/2020 06:05 Flight No. SN2050
Flight In 19/10/2020 13:15 Flight No. SN2045
Staying at See details on AirBnB

I've got all the details like flight confirmations and entry confirmations saved on Google Drive and I can send link if you need anything or want to check so just let me know

Price Breakdown:

  Cost Per Person
Accommodation £233.15 £58.29
Flights £423.56 £105.89
Entry £152.00 £38.00
Parking £68 £17
Total £880.71 £220

Payment details:

 Sort Code Account Number Name
20-85-46 30158224 Matt Alexander


Parking has now been booked from BHX staying at car park 1 which is opposite the terminal building so couldn't be closer. Cost will be split and either I will drive or Andy has also volunteered (but I forgot he said that and booked parking using my reg so we'll need to edit)

To sort out:

Train from Brussels aiport to Bruges and return


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